Has it ever crossed your mind that it would be nice to know the stories behind the products that surround you every day? I mean, do you ever consider who and with what desire created a certain thing and what emotions were invested in its production?

At our company, we design and manufacture products because we enjoy it and love this work. We take pleasure in being at the beginning of the story, a story into which we pour our imagination, skill, hard work, and love. It is a story that truly comes to life when it begins its journey with you, our customers.

Can you imagine the personal and professional adventures that await you with our product? The purchase is just the beginning of our shared story, and we are delighted to have become a part of it!




Design is what we find enjoyable. In our collections, we strive to draw inspiration from modern trends, as well as from retro style, which often embodies timelessness. We prioritize not only the quality of individual products but also their functionality and practical use. We collaborate with experienced professionals while also giving opportunities to young aspiring designers.
Furthermore, we create unique and original collections composed of our own products as well as those from partner brands.


We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our products. After all, they are crafted using traditional handmade techniques, using the natural material of leather. Although we strive for consistency in the appearance of our products, you may find certain variations in craftsmanship and shades of leather. Each product thus becomes a unique piece, ready to tell a distinct story together with you.


We use only the finest materials and metal components that can be found on the market for our products. We source leather not only from Czech and Slovak tanneries but also order certain types of specialty leather from Italy, Argentina, India, and northern European countries. Some of the metal components are custom-made to our specifications.


We firmly believe that becoming the best in one’s field is not determined by gender, nationality, or original education. It primarily depends on a passion for the craft, diligence, and openness to new possibilities and production methods. There is always room for growth, and that is our goal.

Since 2017, we have been building a united team consisting not only of our in-house bag makers and tailors but also a team of skilled craftsmen in their respective fields. Together, we create high-quality products under the brand Dílna with love and dedication.





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